Opening Times & Guidelines

Opening Times & Guidelines

We now have new opening times and guidelines please see the ‘contact us’ section for more information.



Monday 3rd August: 5-9

Tuesday 4th August: 5-9

Wednesday 5th August: 5-9

Thursday 6th August: closed

Friday 7th August: closed

Saturday 8th August: 5-9

Sunday 9th August: 12-7.30


Monday 10th August: 5-9

Tuesday 11th August: 5-9

Wednesday 12th August: 5-9

Thursday 13th August: closed

Friday 14th August: 5-9

Saturday 15th August: 5-9

Sunday 16th August: 12-7.30


Monday 17th August: 5-9

Tuesday 18th August: 5-9

Wednesday 19th August: 5-9

Thursday 20th August: closed

Friday 21st August: 5-9

Saturday 22nd August: 5-9

Sunday 23rd August: 12-7.30


Monday 24th August: 5-9

Tuesday 25th August: 5-9

Wednesday 26th August: 5-9

Thursday 27th August: closed

Friday 28th August: closed

Saturday 29th August: 5-9

Sunday 30th August: 12-7.30


Monday 31st August (BANK HOLIDAY): 2-9

Tuesday 1st September: closed

Wednesday 2nd September: closed

Thursday 3rd September: closed

Friday 4th September: 5-9

Saturday 5th September: 5-9

Sunday 6th September: 12-7.30


Full September opening times to follow any enquiries please ring 01282 775888’